Is an Art degree worth it?

I am not sure how far this will go I do hope it goes far enough to at least help one person, I’m not doing this for any gain, I am simply trying to share awareness from the bottom of my heart; Coming from a 19 year old Art student whom has no idea what she wants to do with her life, other than her passion for the creative arts.

Now, I’m not a creative writer and that is not what I am here for, but there’s a few vital things that I need to share with my fellow artists, and I want you to listen carefully.

I’m sure we have all had different experiences being a creative ‘Flower child’ – free spirit.  One thing I see and have experienced far too often is the dreaded ”Is an Art degree REALLY worth it” question, It’s even a question I have asked myself far too often and it is a topic that has rattled my anxiety and made me have endless nights in floods of tears wondering why the gods of this earth didn’t chose me to be more academic with ‘realistic’ life aspects. I’m about to sit here and tell how nobody is BETTER than you and I’m going to be a hypocrite because I still beat myself up today about how I lack in the right side of my brain. So perhaps this blog is a way of helping myself over come some obstacles and you’re all coming on this journey with me, because I know i am not the only one and I am sick and tired of never seeing one darn good thing said about being a creative art student.

After spending my first year at uni and changing my course twice, spending nights and days crying, and endless weeks of fire burning in my chest like my heart wants to say ‘enough!’ and fall out of my arse; wondering what all the hype about uni was and how anyone could call this place from Satan the best 3 years of their life… I finally made the brave choice to transfer to fine art and let me tell you, that feeling in my chest lifted and i had never felt so relieved and full of achievement. However, anxiety has its ways of creeping up on you and it lurked back like a dark cloud of tar, to make matters worse, i googled that dreaded question and read so many small minded articles made by people who probably lack more in the left side of their brain.

stop thinking about your grandmother that claimed to have all knowledge of the world, explaining why you should be an accountant and all the reasons an art degree will be the biggest waste of time, because we all know you don’t care what grandma thinks. and Grandma probably doesn’t know that you are awful at maths and that art is literally the only thing you are talented at, if she did know she’d probably ship you off to boarding school (joking aside) sometimes art IS the only thing we exceed at, arts always been the only thing i’m fairly good at, I’m awful at maths, failed science, and got straight Bs in all of my creative A level subjects and heck, I AM proud, i worked my ass off for them grades. Funny story, a guy once had the audacity to say ”Arts not that hard” so i picked up a pen and told him to draw something, his face turned to stone and he didn’t bother me again.

You don’t think it’s worth all the loans and payment plans? well you are wrong, as rough as it was i’ve grown an awful lot, i went from being a wall flower to a flower child within the first few months of Uni, it isn’t just about the numbers on a piece of paper and the amount of money you make in the future, i wish people could see past the price tag; uni is an experience and an opportunity, grab it with both hands. At the end of the day Uni doesn’t define you, people don’t define you, a number on a sheet of paper doesn’t define you, you define you. And if you believe that taking an artistic degree will help you blossom, then heck, it is worth every penny! make new friends, over come your anxiety, create beautiful things and prove grandma wrong when you tell her you’re an art therapist or own a beautiful pottery shop, what ever tickles your fancy.

Life isn’t about the money you own, life is about balance, life is about lying on your death bed and not regretting a single thing. So pick up that paint brush, Flower child.

encourage the creative soul, don’t crush it, a creative mind is a happy mind after all.


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